Ownership of a Pug includes a commitment that is wider in scope than providing doggy necessities and allowing this jovial little pet to occupy a portion of your home. Pug ownership is a give-and-take relationship that will continue throughout the little dog’s life. That enjoyable companionship thrives when each member of the pair respects the other and camaraderie rules the union. Your Pug will entertain you, love you, and be obedient and faithful to you if you spend time with your doggy friend.


Purchasing a Pug puppy means a significant investment of money and the beginning of a very long commitment. Pugs live on average, 12-14 years, but some live as long as 17 or 18.


As a prospective owner, you should choose your canine companion very carefully and select one whose character and attributes blend with your own. We are very serious about placing our puppies in homes where they will be loved and cared for with loyalty and passion with people that are open to having this reciprocated as pugs aren’t shy about showing their love and loyalty.


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