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It is our goal to always breed healthy and conformationally correct pug puppies. For this reason, we effort to continuously and effectively make improvements to our line so all pugs in our breeding program undergo various health testing and are evaluated by judges at conformation shows prior to being bred.


We breed for ourselves first and foremost, so we reserve the right to retain show prospect puppies for the future of our breeding program. We cannot keep all of the puppies we breed so we do have to place puppies in pet/companion homes. 


All pet/companion pugs are sold on a non-breeding contract with no exceptions.

 Our pet/companion puppy pricing is set at $3,500 each plus GST. 

Adult Retiree pricing varies upon age.

We do maintain a waiting list for puppies and for adult retirees. 

We place our pugs with families in chronological order of the date we receive applications following our approval process.

If you would like to be added to our waitlist, please return to the Welcome Page, click on the gold button that says Application, complete the questions and click on the Submit button. We will confirm back to you by email that we have received your completed application.


Pictures of our puppies are available in our Cuddle Pugs Families group on Face Book. 

Our face book group is by 'invitation only' for existing Cuddle Pug owners and to those with approved applications. 

Pictures of our adult pugs are available on our website.  You can access individual pug pictures, health information, and pedigrees by going back to the Cuddle Pug page and clicking on the gold button that says OUR PUGS.  Each of our pugs have their own page which can then be accessed by clicking on the gold button with their name on it.  



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