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In addition to the dogs in our current show and breeding program listed above, we do have other dogs listed below that are or have been a part of our family and are loved very much. 


- Born: Oct. 25, 2009

Emma, our first Pug and family pet stole our hearts the moment she came into our lives. She was our matriarch Pug and road rough shot over our Pug tribe.


Emma will always be loved dearly and was a very special member of our family.


- Born: Sept. 18, 2011

When we decided to start breeding Pugs, we purchased Princess Fiona and MCG’s Prince Henry (both AKC & CKC registered). Admittedly, we were not well informed about breeding purebred dogs and it wasn’t until Fiona had her first litter on the ground that we became aware that in addition to our dogs being deemed healthy by our Veterinarian and being registered purebreds, Pug breed conformation standards also contribute significantly to good breeding practices.


Our goal was and is to breed properly for the sake of the Pug breed so we started showing Henry and made the decision to spay and retire Fiona because her conformation was weak in too many areas.


Fiona is now being loved, cared for, and spoiled by a wonderful couple in Abbotsford, BC. Fiona & Henry’s puppies are all in great pet homes with wonderful families and they are all doing well.


- Born: Sept. 29, 2010

'MCG's Prince Henry' came to us from Bellingham, Massachusetts. Because Pugs cannot travel on a plane when it is warmer than 74 degrees Fahrenheit, it took over 3 months to arrange a flight for Henry.  It was a long 3 months for us but we finally got to pick Henry up in Seattle on October 1, 2011.  The moment we let him out of his travel kennel he ran to us like he had known us forever. There was an instant bond between us. He had the nicest and friendliest demeanor and we immediately fell in love with him.

Henry was one of the nicest looking pugs I had seen so we were interested in seeing how Henry compared with other pug dogs. After receiving feedback from some pug breeders, we entered Henry in his first conformation show. He was awarded Best of Breed and Winner’s Dog his first day in the ring and continued on to be a Canadian Champion. We have always been super proud of our Henry and are very thankful that his breeder trusted us, as new breeders, to look after him. 

Henry retired and was placed into his forever home in December 2016. He still comes to visit us from time to time and is really happy to see us but is also really happy to go back to his wonderful new family who adores him as much as we do.   

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- Born: Oct. 10, 2012

Neytiri in her new home with her son Ben

Getting ready for her first show.

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CH Caillets Neytiri was with us from January 8, 2013 to April 7, 2017. Neytiri was a very welcome addition to our family and breeding program.  She has always been a very sweet and loving girl and an extreme joy to have around. Neytiri is a true 'cuddle pug', she loves spending time cuddled up on someones lap. 

Neytiri had her first litter in 2014. She was such an amazing mom and was extremely attentive with her puppies right up until they were 12 weeks old and left to go to their new homes.  We knew she missed each of her puppies when they left.  She always was very close and loving with her daughters that we kept for our breeding program, Peral (first litter) and Zia (from her second litter in 2015).   


After having her third and last litter in the fall of 2016, it was time to retire Neytiri from our breeding program.  On April 7th, 2017, Neytiri went to her forever home to live with her son Ben and his family...a perfect new life for her.

Relaxing at home


- Born: February 22, 2015
aka Caillets Double Cuddle

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KALLI Khaleesi

- Born: June 8, 2017

Kalli is a beautiful black female. We were looking forward to showing her and including her in our breeding program  but unfortunately at 10 months she was diagnosed with a growth plate fracture in her left hip.  Kalli underwent hip surgery and has fully recovered. She was spayed and is now rehomed with a wonderful family in Sidney, BC.


    - Born: January 29, 2009

Bella, our German Shepherd, was my step son's dog and came to be with us as a result of some changes in his life beyond his control.  


Bella was very timid as a puppy but has outgrown her shyness and has matured into a very loving pet. She has developed a very strong bond with Art and can almost always be found in close proximaty to him.


Bella and Hilja have become the best of buddies and do a wonderful job of watching over our pugs. 


Lukie came to us as a rescue dog in March of 2014 at 11 years of age.  His family could no longer look after him due to personal circumstances beyond their control.  Lukie had a neurological disorder resulting from being in a car accident when he was a 6-month old puppy and his mobility was not the greatest, but he managed to get around okay and fit in really well with our other pugs and pug puppies. 


Due to our move to Deroche, Lukie moved in with a pug fancier and friend  who became very attached to him. The bond between them was nothing short of amazing...BFF is an understatement.

On the night of March 5th, 2017 at 14 years of age, Lukie crossed over the rainbow bridge leaving behind some very saddened hearts. 


RIP dear Lukie. We feel so privileged to have been able to spend part of your life with you and so very sad that the time spent could not have been longer.


Gabi aka Morgana

September 28, 2011 – August 1, 2015


Under her registered name of CH Caillet's High Society, Morgana achieved multi group placing’s while competing for her championship.  She attained her CKC Championship on June 16 2012 at 8 mos of age. 


Morgana came into my life in August of 2013 and was my “heart” dog from the moment I saw her. I purchased her as a breeding female when she was not quite two years old.  After a number of unsuccessful breeding attempts, I came to the conclusion that motherhood just wasn't part of her greater plan. Morgana was social with other dogs, had a very sweet demeanor, loved being with people and children and rarely complained about anything. It was extremely difficult for me to let her go but she deserved to be loved and have more one-on-one time than I could give her. There was a wonderful woman that I came to know in Duncan that was looking for her “heart” dog and I just knew from the moment I met her, she was ‘the’ right person for Morgana. Morgana left me for the first time on July 10th…I felt a great loss but found peace knowing that she would be loved to pieces and doted on and that I would still have an arms-length connection to her.

Morgana's new pet name became Gabi, it means strength, and she really had a lot of that.  Gabi was only with her new mom for 3 short weeks but quickly found a place in her heart as she did with everyone else that was fortunate enough to know her. 


Gabi passed away suddenly early in the morning on Saturday, August 1, 2015.  The cause of death was due to a complication from a small procedure she underwent while she was at the animal hospital.

It will take time process the devastating loss of this little girl that we adored so much and I can only find solace knowing that she touched so many of our hearts in the short time she was with us and her love was deeply reciprocated by those of us that had the opportunity to know her.


May you Rest In Peace my little 'Gana'... I will always "Love You Lots!"

GLENDA aka Yellow Frame's Heart of Gold

Born September 25, 2015

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PERAL aka Cuddle's Na'Vi Peral

Born May 30, 2014

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RYDER aka Cuddle's Ticket to Ryde

Born March 12, 2018 

(GCH Yellow Frame The Hustler X CH Gibby's Cuddled Up With Taylor)


Ryder was selected to show and then be added to our breeding program.  He did very well in the conformation ring and was awarded his CKC Canadian championship on September 29, 2019.  

When Ryder completed his championship, he went to live with my grandson Cody where he would remain intact so he could have the best of both world's being a pet and a stud dog. 

In April 2020, a genetic health issue called COMS (Caudial Occipital Malformation Syndrome) & SM (Syringomyell) was diagnosed with another dog in the same line as Ryder.   Because of this we decided to retire Ryder and his dam Taylor.  

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TAYLOR aka CH Gibby's Cuddled Up With Taylor

Born March 12, 2018 

Taylor joined our family on April 15th, 2016.  She completed her CKC Canadian championship exactly one year later and received her CHIC certification on October 17, 2018.   

Taylor then became part of our breeding program.  She had her first litter on March 12, 2018 (2 males & 3 females).  Taylor had her second litter on March 24, 2019 and her third and last litter on March 2, 2020. 

Taylor was spayed on May 20, 2020.  She is still very much a part of our family but is now living with Ryder.  Her new owner is my granddaughter Paige.

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Zia aka Cuddle's High Button Shoes

Born October 25, 2015 

Sire: CH Andi’s Benjamin Button (US)   Dam: CH Caillet’s Neytiri (CAN)

Zia was one of 4 puppies born in our Neytiri and Benjamin Button litter, she was the only female.  Her sibling’s names are Nash, Chester and Ben.  We were originally going to keep Ben as a show dog but because one of his testicles did not descend, we had no choice but to place him in a pet home.  Nash and Chester were also placed in pet homes.  Zia was born with a white foot and because white spotting like this is a disqualifying fault, Zia did not compete in the show ring.  However, because of her pedigree and because we could not keep and use Ben, we decided to keep Zia as a breeding dog. 


On July 25, 2018, Zia’s first litter was born. Zia free whelped this litter. This was not a planned breeding and we did not know until 3 days before she delivered puppies that she was even pregnant.  The only male she had access to was Gabe (CH Vectra’s Archangel Gabriel) and that was after she had been in season for 26 days…we thought she was out of her season.  Throughout her gestational period, we were unaware a mating even took place. Her 3 puppies, 2 females (Violet & Peanut) and 1 male (Louie), were all placed in pet homes.


In September 2018, we noticed that Zia had started to limp so we took her to the Vet to have her back leg checked.  A physical examination indicated that her patella was luxating a bit.  This seemed strange to us because she had passed her patella exam before she was bred.  We suspect that she was hurt when she was playing outside with our Appenzeller puppy.  It only seemed to bother her some mornings when she first got out of bed so we thought that maybe due to whelping puppies that her joints somehow weakened and that maybe with some TLC it would get better on its own.  Within a few weeks she started limping more often so we took her for an x-ray.  The x-ray showed that her cruciate and patella had been injured.  Zia had surgery on February 22, 2019 to fix this.  Her recovery went well and she no longer limps.


We bred Zia with Eddy at the end of December 2019.  This was the breeding we had originally planned.  Zia free whelped her second litter on February 24, 2020.  She had 5 puppies, 3 males (Max, Oswald, & Mojo) and 2 females (Bonnie & Bean).  We decided due to Covid-19 and the fact that dog shows were all cancelled that we would place all puppies in pet homes whether they were show prospect or not.


In 2019, we made a decision to start down-sizing in 2020.  One of the criteria for our downsizing plan is to rehome our females when they are 4 years old and have had 2 or 3 litters.  Zia fit into these criteria so on May 20, 2020 Zia was spayed and while under sedation, also had her teeth cleaned so she would be ready to be placed in her forever-after home.


Born on February 25, 2018 

Sire: US CH/CAN GCH Yellow Frame's The Hustler Dam: CGH Cuddle's Na'Vi Peral

Amber's story to be added. 

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GABE aka CH Vectra's Archangel Gabriel

Born on June 6, 2016 

Sire: Caillets Walking Tall Dam: CH Caillet's Light of Your Halo

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