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We are now accepting applications for Appenzeller puppies.

It is our goal to provide healthy puppies that conform to Appenzeller breed standards.


To continuously and effectively make improvements to our line, all of our Appenzellers undergo various health testing and if/when possible are evaluated by judges at conformation shows before being bred.


Our 5th and most recent litter, our E-litter, was born on February 8, 2024. 

There are eight (8) puppies in this litter, 2 males and 6 females.

We currently have 1 male puppy and 1 female puppy still available. 

The sire of our E-Litter is CH Highleigh Ulric and the dam is CH Bucanevue of Alpine Appenzellers.  Both parents are health tested and have their OFA CHIC certification.  

The results of their testing are available on the OFA website

The Canine Health Information Center | OFA.

Due to the sire and dam color genetics (BB X Bb), all puppies in this litter are black tri-color Appenzeller puppies.  All puppies in this litter have had their coat colour tested and five out of eight of them carry the havana brown gene.  This means that if they are bred, they can produce havana brown Appenzeller puppies as well as black.  New owners who may want to breed their Appenzeller in future may also want to consider coat colour potential of future offspring. 

All eight (8) puppies are healthy and are now ready to go to their new homes. Each puppy has had its first set of puppy shots, has been dewormed, and has been microchipped.

Scroll down for individual puppy pictures & information.


Puppy aptitude testing (PAT) was completed the weekend of April 6 and 7th.  The purpose of PAT testing is to assist in matching puppies with families they are most suited to. 

This litter has been registered with the CKC and the AMDCA (Appenzell Mountain Dog Club of America).  All puppies will be registered with the AMDCA so all of them can be individually registerable with the CKC and/or the AKC according to the country they will reside.  

The price for our puppies is $3,000 US.  There will be additional costs for shipping if you would like your puppy shipped. It is always better for a puppy if they are picked up by their new owners so it would be ideal if you could do this. However, this is not always possible so we can certainly help make arrangements to get your puppy to you.  


In addition to our website, where you can access our online application, we have a private Facebook group called 'Deroche Appenzellers' where we post pictures, videos, and short updates of each litter of puppies in the events section. This Facebook 'group' is, for the most part, intended for owners to share updates, pictures, stories, etc., and is by invitation only.  All approved applicants are invited to join this group, so they have access to our litter updates.  


Male 1 

2U5A2659 F1 & F6_inPixio - Copy.jpg

Female 6

CA US CH J-K's Clean Sweep

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