About Pugs

A Pug is the finest companion you can have, regardless of your financial status, position, or importance. Pugs have only one objective in life, and that is to provide the finest companionship available. Pugs are a personality dog and are just as comfortable living in a small home as in a spacious one. The Pugs official motto is Multum in parvo, a Latin term which roughly translates to “a lot in a little.” This motto fits the Pug to a T.


In ancient history, dogs were required to serve useful functions wherever they were found. Companion dogs were uncommon. Since about the first century BC, Pugs were personal companions to Chinese Royalty, Tibetan monks, French and British aristocracy, and more than a few simple sailors and everyday families. They have met that goal for hundreds of years and continue to do so today. Pugs do not catch mice, they do not herd, they do not pull carts and they do not guard your property or frighten away intruders. Pugs were designed and bred exclusively as companions. Pugs funny little characters will charm and win you over from the first day you meet them.


Pugs are an exceptionally clean little dog generally free from doggie odors however they do shed a lot. They can be content to roll up in a ball at your feet, enjoy a lively ball game, or just clown around, providing entertainment for their audience at home. Pug enthusiasts are nothing short of charmed by their Pugs’ snoring or snorting.


Pugs cannot be kept as outside dogs. Because of their short noses, they are very sensitive to heat, humidity and cold. Pugs can die very quickly when exposed to extreme heat or cold so they cannot live outside or be left unattended outside for any period of time. Pugs are also often stolen out of yards, or escape when gates have been left open by unaware gardeners, meter readers, or others.


Because of their short nose, a pug cannot tolerate hard exercise. You can usually take your pug on short walks when it is not too hot or humid outside. Pugs, typically, cannot swim well. They are very solid and tend to sink instead of float. A life jacket is recommended for any pug near the lake, ocean or pool.


Pugs require some special care. Dirt and moisture get in that cute little wrinkle on their nose which can cause infection. You need to clean their nose roll every day or two. Ears tend to get dirty quickly and need to be cleaned regularly, and nails need to be clipped and filed often. Because Pugs shed a lot, they need to be brushed thoroughly at least once a week to minimize the loose hair that tends to collect throughout your home.


A Pug companion is a living treasure that you will stroke millions of times and cherish for many years. Your Pug is a unique individual that you will never forget, a personality that imprints your life, leaving only happiness in their wake throughout the years you spend together.





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